Hair tissue mineral analysis is a screening tool that is used along side the patients history and is an excellent guide when ordering further testing of the blood or saliva. When used correctly it has proven to be on par with and, in some instances, even better than blood tests in terms of both accuracy and reliability.

A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) simply stated, is a screening test that measures the mineral content of your hair. However, a hair tissue mineral analysis is much more than a test for minerals.
Hair is a unique biopsy material that is exposed to both the inside and outside of the body, thus making it lessinvasive than any other biopsy. When it is exposed to the blood and lymphatics of the scalp, the hair grows, locking in the information given to it at the time, like a ticker tape providing a mineral blueprint of your biochemistry! A hair tissue mineral analysis can provide valuable information about your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity, all from a single test that is relatively inexpensive. In clinical practice it is a valuable guide as to why someone is feeling the way they are, where they are losing their energy and where to focus the attention of the healthcare provider.

This test can also be used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications, saving a fortune on self prescribed supplements that may be far from what you actually need!

The Modern diet and our tendency to lead stressful lives has led to many people becoming nutritionally imbalanced. Your body can maintain your optimal health when it has access to all the right ingredients such as Vitamins, minerals and a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in all the right quantities. When an excess or deficiency of nutrients develops, so does disease.

Through hair analysis you will discover where Your imbalances lie and how to correct them. You will be given food choices and eating guidelines that suit your metabolism as well as a personalized supplement program that will help you to achieve your health goals.

So if you have been feeling a tad under the weather recently and no one can tell you why, this is the solution for you!
Over 50 disease trends can be picked up through this simple test, revealing the “why” behind the symptoms you are feeling.

If you are worried about your health, especially if you are feeling toxic, and you want to know where and how to improve your general wellbeing, hair tissue mineral analysis is a great place to start! Spectral analysis of hair at the laboratory in Phoenix Arizona makes it possible to measure the levels of more than 20 different minerals and heavy metals within the body. Seeing which of these minerals is out of balance can help you to remedy certain ailments that you may have been suffering from for years. In short, hair tissue analysis can change your life forever!

Hair tissue analysis can help you to understand more about the following:

The efficiency (or lack thereof) of your immune system: The test is able to detect your Zinc and copper levels. Zinc and copper being in balance is is essential for a well-functioning immune system. HTMA will provide you with plenty of insight into how your body is coping with the fight against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi. If you are a person who tends to get sick often, learning more about your current zinc and copper levels could help you tremendously.
Your metabolic rate: If you are having problems losing weight or you are simply feeling tired all the time, hair tissue analysis can help you to discover why these problems are occurring. While this information can be obtained through blood and urine tests, what makes hair tissue analysis so reliable is the fact that it provides you with a longer record of your metabolic activity. Blood and urine tests can only inform you about your metabolic activity at the exact moment that the test is conducted.
Your stress levels: Stress can wreak havoc on the general functioning of both your mind and your body. Hair tissue analysis can help you to discover whether or not your stress levels are in the healthy range.
Your energy levels: If you constantly feel tired or fatigued, hair tissue analysis can help you to find out why. Normal energy levels require a minerals to be in balance with each other. If the minerals are no in balance with each other (i.e. too much of one in relation to another) or if the minerals are being interfered with by toxic heavy metals, you will notice a dip in your general performance. Hair tissue analysis will pinpoint the minerals that you need to balance so that you can work on improving these energy levels, helping you to feel stronger and more stable.
Your gland functioning: HTMA is an excellent tool for picking up how well your cells are responding to the thyroid hormone, whether your Oestrogen, progesterone and Testosterone are in balance worth each other, as well as how your Adrenal glands are coping with both chronic and immediate stress.
Your sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, including how well your body uses Insulin.
HTMA will also tell you precisely which supplements you need to be taking and which to avoid. Sometimes the symptoms of a mineral being in excess mimic the symptoms of deficiency, so we start taking supplements thinking they are doing us good, when in fact we may be needing something completely different!