Learn more about this wonderful tool by attending a weekend course offered by Dr Shania Lee, the Southern African facilitator for Trace Elements Inc. Texas. USA.

The course is run over a weekend in Cape Town and covers:

• What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and using it both privately and in your practice.
• Interpretation of laboratory results.
• The roles of each Mineral and Trace Element.
• Recognition of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic responses to metabolic dysfunctions.
• Understand how excesses of various elements can cause depression of other Minerals
• Nutritional Interrelationships.
• The relationships between the Minerals and Vitamins,
• The various metabolic types (Fast 1-4 and Slow 1-4 )
• Unique case studies.
• The option of having your own personal HTMA included at an additional discounted rate.

An inclusive introduction to HTMA as an effective screening tool in clinical practice.
To arrange a course in your area contact Dr Shania Lee